High Speed Automatic Chinese Dumping Making Machine ZSJ-II 60000-70000 Pcs/h

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The fully automatic high-speed dumpling machine ZPJ-II is a dumpling production equipment developed based on traditional Chinese handmade dumpling making methods. The output can reach 60000-70000 pieces per hour. It is an ideal equipment for large-scale frozen dumpling factories.

The fully automatic high-speed dumpling machine ZPJ-II mainly consists of auto dough feeding machine, 4-rollers dough sheet machine with an extrusion forming device, stuffer filling machine, conveyor etc. The  auto dough feeding machine transport the proofed and folded thick dough to the dough sheet machine. After 4 times rolling, the dough sheet are rolled from thick to thin,the dumpling wrapper will taste better, which is in line with the Chinese hand-made dumpling method. The extrusion forming machine simulates the manual kneading method of dumplings, and the mold can be replaced according to the shape of the dumplings.

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    Features and Benefits

    1. Fully automatic imitation of manual production, with large output and mellow taste.

    2. The independent fully sealed stuffing supply system makes the stuffing supply more stable, effectively solves problems such as stuffing leakage and juice leakage, facilitates cleaning, and improves the cleanliness of the workshop. Easy to move, adjustable position, convenient layout. It can make better use of space and shorten the filling distance.

    3. The new generation of dumpling machines has wrapper recovery device, which can automatically recover excess dumpling skins for rolling and recycling, avoiding manual recovery,improving material utilization, and directly reducing manual labor.

    4. Multiple sets of rolling surfaces, humanized design, beautiful appearance and easy to clean. The pressure surface can be adjusted on one side, and the pressure surface system can be controlled independently.

    5. It has a good human-machine dialogue interface and is easy to operate. Photoelectric induction, automatically adjusts dough speed and dough supply amount.

    6. Excellent structural design makes the frequently cleaned parts removable.

    Technical Parameters

    Model Dumplings Weight Capacity Air Pressure Power Weight (kg) Dimension
    ZPJ-II 5g-20g (Customized) 60000-70000 pcs/h 0.4 Mpa 9.5kw 1500 7000*850*1500


    The fully automatic high-speed dumpling machine is mainly used to produce traditional Chinese handmade dumplings. It has the characteristics of thin dumpling skin, few wrinkles and sufficient fillings. The dumplings produced can be quickly frozen and supplied to supermarkets, chain stores, central kitchens, canteens, restaurants, etc.

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