Automatic Pan-fried Thumb Bun Making Machine

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The Thumb Bun Making Machine is automatic Xiao Long Soup Buns Making Machine, includes stuffing filling machine,thumb buns forming Machine and automatic buns placer.  It’s  PLC  controlled,  comes with refrigeration system (It prevent dough from aging during shaping),  can form buns 10g-30g, 100-200 pcs/min. the buns size is customized. The ratio of dough to filling can be adjusted as required.

The stuffing feeder the Pc Edible Grade is used to promote the filling to be fed evenly, and the outer steel of the machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which increases the service life of the machine. The filling conveying device is large square screw knob, easy assembly, cleaning and adjustment. The Cutter adopts a new design, with low noise, smooth use and long service life. The  Conveyor belt adopts blue sibeck antibacterial conveyor belt, which is not easy to deform, Non-sticky, easy to clean and long service life.

This machine is compact in size,i t is suitable for independently owned restaurants and large food factories.

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    Features and Benefits

    • The whole machine is Waterproof Moisture-proof.
    • Anti-stick conveyor belt.
    • The thickness of dough crust and the quantity of filling can be adjusted as well.
    • .By replacing different moulds, the machine can make dumplings, fried dumplings, spring rolls, wontons, samosas, steamed dumplings etc
    •  The machine body is made of stainless steel

    Technical Parameters



    Buns Size







    6000 pcs/h




    The automatic Thumb bun making machine can foming many kinds food by change the molds, such as Har Gow, Stuffed Bun, Lumpia, Potsticker, Spring Roll, Tang Bao, Xiao Longbao, Samosa, Sambousek, Samosa Pastry, Blini, Chebureki, Ravioli, Pelmeni, Pierogi, Khinkali, Torellini.

    Automatic fried bun making machine

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