Servo Motor Automatic Dumpling Making Machine / Gyoza Making Machine

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The fully automatic dumpling forming machine / Gyoza machine is developed in combination with advanced foreign dumpling machines. It is mainly composed of a dough sheeter and Gyaza dumpling formation are integrated into one. It has an exquisite structure and takes up less space. it is now the main production equipment for steamed and fried dumplings.

According to the different widths of the noodles, they are divided into 1-line dumpling machines, 2-line dumpling machines, and 3-line dumpling machines. The output sizes are also different, which are 3600 pcs/h, 7200 pcs/h, and 10000 pcs/h respectively.


By changing the mold, the fully automatic dumpling machine can also produce pot stickers, wontons, siomai, etc.

  • Applicable Industries: Hotels, Manufacturing Plant, Food Factory, Restaurant, Food & Beverage Shops
  • Brand: HELPER
  • Lead Time: 15-20 Working Days
  • Original: Hebei, China
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C
  • Certificate: ISO/CE/ EAC/
  • Pacakage Type: Seaworthy Wooden Case
  • Port: Tianjin/Qingdao/ Ningbo/Guangzhou
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • After-sale Service: Technicians arrive to install/Online Surpport/ Video Guidance
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    Features and Benefits

    • Full servo motor control, flexible and stable operation, ensuring accurate position of the rotating platform and accuracy of filling amount.
    •  Intelligence Ethercat industrial computer control, full process automation, labor saving, efficient production
    • The independent computer adopts a high-precision reducer, which greatly improves the accuracy and service life of the equipment.
    •  The body is made of all stainless steel sheet metal, which is easy to clean and has imitation corrosion resistance, greatly extending the service life of the equipment.
    • Auto tray loader can be choose

    Technical Parameters

    Type Dumpling Weight Capacity Air Pressure Voltage Power Weight


    Dimension (mm)
    SJ-1 18g /23g/25g 40-60 pcs/min 0.4 Mpa 220V, 50/60hz, 4.7kw 550 1365*1500*1400
    SJ-3 14g -23g/25g/ 30g 100-120 pcs/min 0.6 Mpa 380V,50HZ, 3 PH 11.8kw 1500 3100*3000*2100
    JJ-2 12-14g, 20g, 23g, 25g, 27-29g, 30-35g 160pcs/min 0.6Mpa 380V,50HZ, 3 PH 8.4kw 1350 3120*3000*2100
    JJ-3 180-200 pcs/min 0.6 Mpa 380V,50HZ, 3 PH 8.9kw 1500 3120*3000*2100
    SM-2 70g/80g/90g/100g 80-100 pcs/min 0.6 Mpa 380V,50HZ, 3 PH 10kw 1530 3100*3000*2100
    YT-2 8-9g/10g/11-12g/13g/16g/20g 120pcs/min 0.6 Mpa 380V,50HZ, 3 PH 9.6kw 1430 3100*3000*2100
    TY-3 180-200pcs/min 0.6Mpa 380V,50HZ, 3 PH 9.6kw 1430 3100*3000*2100


    1. This frozen block cutter is mainly used for cutting frozen meat into blocks, such as frozen pork, frozen beef, frozen mutton, frozen chicken, frozen boneless meat frozen fish, etc.

    2. Frozen meat cutter is suitable for the production of luncheon meat, meat ball, sausage, dumpling, steamed stuffed bun, etc.

    3. The frozen meat cutting machine is suitable for medium and large food processing plant and meat processing plant.

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