Commercial Vacuum Horizontal Dough Mixers 300 L

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The HELPER Horizontal Dough Mixers combines the principles of manual dough preparation and vacuum pressure, resulting in exceptional dough quality. By simulating manual kneading under vacuum, our mixer ensures the rapid absorption of water by the protein in the flour, leading to the quick formation and maturation of gluten networks. This innovative technology enhances the water absorption capacity of the dough, resulting in superior dough elasticity and texture. With the added benefits of a patented paddle blade, PLC control, and a unique design structure, our Vacuum Dough Mixer is the ultimate solution for efficient and high-quality dough processing.

  • Applicable Industries: Hotels, Manufacturing Plant, Food Factory, Restaurant, Food & Beverage Shops
  • Brand: HELPER
  • Lead Time: 15-20 Working Days
  • Original: Hebei, China
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C
  • Certificate: ISO/CE/ EAC/
  • Pacakage Type: Seaworthy Wooden Case
  • Port: Tianjin/Qingdao/ Ningbo/Guangzhou
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • After-sale Service: Technicians arrive to install/Online Surpport/ Video Guidance
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    Features and Benefits

    ● High-quality 304 stainless steel structure,Comply with food safety production standards, not easy to corrode, easy to clean.
    ● Simulate the principle of manual dough mixing under vacuum and negative pressure, so that the protein in the flour can fully absorb water in the shortest time, and the gluten network can be quickly formed and matured. The draft of the dough is high.
    ● The paddle obtained the national patent, has three functions: Mixing, kneading and aging the dough.
    ● PLC control, the dough mixing time and vacuum degree can be set according to the process.
    ● Adopting a unique design structure, the replacement of seals and bearings is more convenient and easier.
    ● Unique sealing structure, easier to replace seals and bearings.
    ● Various stirring shafts are optional
    ● Automatic water supply and automatic flour feeder are available
    ● Suitable for noodles, dumplings, buns, bread and other pasta factories.
    ● Different discharge angles can be selected according to requirements, such as 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 120 degrees.

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    Technical Parameters

    Model Volume (Liter) Vacuum
    Power (kw) Mixing Time (min) Flour (kg) Axis Speed
    Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
    ZKHM-600 600 -0.08 34.8 8 200  44/88 2500 2200*1240*1850
    ZKHM-300 300 Liter -0.08 18.5 6 100 39/66/33 1600 1800*1200*1600
    ZKHM-150 150 Liter -0.08 12.8 6 50 48/88/44 1000 1340*920*1375
    ZKHM-40 40 Liter -0.08 5 6 7.5-10 48/88/44 300 1000*600*1080

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    Vacuum dough kneading machine is primarily in the baking industry, including commercial bakeries, pastry shops, and large-scale food production facilities, such as Noodles Production, Dumplings Production,Buns Production, Bread production,Pastry and pie production, Specialty baked goods ext.

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