Automatic Noodles Making Machine For Small Business M-270 200kg/h

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The small business Noodles Making Machine M-270 is a fully automatic noodle production machine specially developed for noodle food factories. We combines the traditional Chinese noodle making process, imitating handmade as much as possible, so that the noodles taste chewy, delicate, smooth and silky, elasticit,pleasant aroma. The equipment for producing noodles includes Horizontal Vacuum Dough Mixers, noodle-sheet compounding press rollers and noodle cutting machine.

With the capacity 200 kg/h for variaty kinds noodle making , by change the cutting machine, it is also used for making dumplings dough sheet,dumpling wrappers,  wonton wrappers,etc.

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● Fully Automatic Productio, Enhanced Efficiency: HELPER Noodles making machine is central integrated control system, and the entire production line can be operated by only about 2 people.
● Customizable Design: HELPER Noodles Making Machine will customized accommodate various noodle production volumes, manufacturing processes, and factory layouts.
● Versatile Applications: Our machinery is suitable for producing a wide range of noodles, including ramen, udon, soba,instant noodles and more, allowing you to cater to diverse market demands.
● Enhanced Efficiency: By offering complete automation, our machinery significantly reduces production time and labor costs, resulting in higher productivity and ultimately, improved profitability.
● Consistent Quality: With precise control over the production process, our machinery ensures the consistent texture, thickness, and taste of the noodles, meeting the high standards expected by discerning customers.
● Easy Operation and Maintenance: Designed with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls, our machinery is easy to operate and maintain, even for those without extensive technical knowledge.


Technical Parameters



Rolling Width





225 mm

200 kg/h



The HELPER Auto noodles making machine can be equipped with boiling machine, steaming machine, pickling machine, freezing machine and other processes to produce a variety of noodles, such as Ramen noodles, quick-frozen cooked noodles, steamed noodles, Upon noodles, instant noodles, egg noodles,hakka noodles etc. These noodles can be made into frozen cooked noodles, fresh wet noodles, semi-dried noodles, and supplied to supermarkets, chain stores, hotels, central kitchens, etc.


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